“In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate” This is my first post on a blog, ever. I am excited about the prospect of using a blog to convey my thoughts to a broader audience and hope to engage with people around the globe on things that I believe effect us all. The opening sentence implies that “I start this blog in the name of God”. This is the way most muslims start a new endeavour. These words are repeated more often in the world than any other words that I can imagine. It is interesting to observe that the two qualities God holds most important in describing Him are, Grace and Compassion. And in this lies hope and salvation for mankind. I love the word “Grace” in English language as it encompasses so many dimensions. I will cover this word by itself in some later blog. It is unclear what this journey with you all is going to entail. My hope is to cover subjects that effects us all or are not adequately covered in the other forums of news and discussion. I hope to keep the blogs short but regular.

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