by Myra Chaudhary

Myra is a student at Brandeis University studying International Global Studies and Global Economics

“Whosoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind.”
(Quran 5:32)

“Seek peace, and pursue it.”
(Bible Psalms 34:14)

“Do naught to others which if done to thee would cause thee pain.”
(Hindu Mahabharata 5.1517)

I am committed to cultivating compassion and learning ways to protect the lives of people, animals, plants, and minerals. I am determined not to kill, not to let others kill, and not to condone any act of killing in the world, in my thinking, and in my way of life”
(Five Mindfulness Trainings of Buddhism

“You shall not murder.”
(God’s Revelation in the Jewish Old Testament)

13 people killed, 29 wounded at Fort Hood Texas. Who could have expected that? How sad and heartbreaking.
Terrorism is such a global issue — victims everywhere and from every religion. Yes, NO religion teaches what the terrorists are doing. Terrorists could not and do not have a religion. If we really want to defeat theses terrorists it is very important to understand and remember that they represent no religion at all. It is the terrorists who want us to believe otherwise because that is what really helps them in their own motives and agendas. Once we understand and grasp this important fact we will realize how outnumbered these terrorists actually are.
It is not the time for pointing fingers and causing divisions to help the terrorists. The solution to this problem could not be without a fully collaborated global effort from peace loving people of all religions and nations. This is the time to come together and eradicate this menace. Together we can do it.

Can we afford not to? Can we, can you afford to just sit on the side? Can we afford to stay silent? What do you say?

Let us not be silent, Let us make the world a better place! Your opinion matters immensely. Make your voice heard.

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