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by Imran H. Khan

After many generations of family members doing the right things and striving hard, does God in His immense mercy give children that are imbued with great traits and instincts. Today is Taimur’s anniversary of his birth day. He comes from a family whose ancestors were recognized for their efforts both in pre-Partition India and then in Pakistan. There is still a Namdar Khan Road in Patiala India, in recognition of his services. His grand father got the highest award for bravery that can be awarded to a living person in Pakistan.  He had the privilege to have been educated in one of the best private school and college in New England. Her mother devoted herself completely to his upbringing. So it is not surprising that he has developed into a multi-talented young adult.

I still remember his winning a gold key award from Boston Globe for his artwork when he was still in his middle school. He won so many awards on his high school graduation that it became a little embarrassing as a parent. While he had been quite a shy person in his childhood, he overcame his fears of public speaking in high school  and flourished as an actor. His artwork also flourished at that time.


He evolved into becoming a director of multiple plays in college.  He used his artistic talents to create the stages and posters. He is by nature a perfectionist and demanded a lot from his actors and performers.

Bhangra Fanatic

In his last year at college he directed “Aladdin” and squeezed in a Bhangra dance. A genre of dance he would later evolve to being a great performer as well.

His compassion for people of Pakistan led him to organize an ambitious multi-talented program to raise awareness and funds.


At his core he is an artist of multiple dimensions. The strongest of which is graphics art. Since some have asked for more of his art work, I am including some here that can be enlarged by clicking on them.

More artwork from Taimur can be found in another post here.

For now his talents as performer, artist and director are taking a back burner seat to his medical education. All avenues are open to him to excel in all the different dimensions. I am sure that he will turn out to an even greater humanist as he grows.


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One Response to “Chaudhry Namdar Khan Sahib’s Great-Great-Great-GrandSon’s Birthday”

  1. erum and athar usmani on October 8th, 2010 3:16 pm

    Happy Bday Taimur. You make us all proud.
    love and hugs