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Imran H. Khan

SadequainI was recently reflecting on the lack of knowledge by most people including Pakistanis realize the diversity of Pakistanis in general and women in particular. This diversity is the result of the historical depth of Pakistani culture as well as the unique geographical cross roads that it is located. Even though it is only slightly bigger than the state of Texas, the features can vary from African to South Asian to European to Chinese and Central Asian. The mixing of ethnicities creates unique blends of intermediate characteristics and traits.

With all the negative news coming out of Pakistan recently people are also unaware of the accomplishments of Pakistani women. I had written about some of the women in my earlier post here.

I have created a short video that captures the beauty and accomplishments of Pakistani women as well a land crafted by the collision of two continents manifesting in some of the most stunning mountain ranges in the world.

I also had the recent experience of listening to a Pakistani music group called Fusion who song “Aankhon ke Sagar” provides the back ground music to the video. Enjoy the video in HD and full screen.



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