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In a masterful piece of real politik act, Modi’s government has presented the Kashmiri’s with the honor of being treated as a full members of the Indian Union. For the last seventy years they had been treated as people that had unequal rights among billion other that did not. This got into their heads and they started thinking that they could have their own country, rather than joining either India or Pakistan as the rest of the pre-partition Indian sub continent states had to. As the curtain of restriction lifts in Kashmir, the people there will realize the reality of power that a modern states exude. This fact can be seen in the rapidly falling in step of countries like Sri Lanka, Maldives, BanglaDesh etc.. The way India managed to use its influence with the US and time it with her influence over Pakistan to keep it from doing anything that might jeopardize the smooth execution is worthy of appreciation. What happens next is anybody’s guess, but the chances are that Kashmir will be known as Modi’s Kashmir for a long time to come.

For Pakistan the best strategy is to settle the Western Border at the earliest and work on rebuilding itself economically and become the economy that is worthy of the talent of its people and history. The Pakistani Armed Forces should focus on playing their constitutional role and allow the defense rupees benefit the society at large by divesting from running the defense industry. The armed forces should actively remove any remaining militant organizations and their infrastructures from the society.

One of the good and bad things of PM Imran Khan is that he is a mother figure at heart. His empathy results in the creation of Cancer Hospitals and places of education. In his inaugural speech he said that he will go two steps if India takes one in the direction of peace. What he should have said is that he would take two steps in the direction of war, as well, should India that one in that direction, as it has.

The unintended consequences of motherly figures at the helm of affairs is that they get taken for a ride by father figures of opponent countries. When Indian Air Force attacked Balakot, they attacked a location in a sovereign country with the unmistakable intent of killing hundreds of its citizens. The Daddy response should have been killing hundreds of Indian Soldiers on Indian soil. But when Mummy figure delicately landed bombs during carefully planned attacks in Indian Occupied Kashmir, so that no human got injured and only stones get re-arranged, it showed a country that lacks the will and the ability to fight.

Similarly when an Indian submarine was found off the Pakistan’s shores in a missile striking range during this time of conflict, PM Imran ordered it to be left alone.  Compare that with Indians shooting down a Pakistan Navy Atlantic unarmed plane when it got too close to their border. PM Imran hurriedly sent the Indian pilot back to his family after serving him tea for entering Pakistan Air Space in his attempts to down a PAF plane.

Pakistan desperately needs to rebuild itself economically or be reduced to the likes of BanglaDesh and Sri Lanka.

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