In April of this year, I had predicted that US policy in Afghanistan is already a failure and that we should reassess it. Given the sharply deteriorating situation there and lack of US public support, there are only limited options left on the table. Recent assessment by Gen. McCrystal is a confirmation of what I had said on a tv broadcast that can be seen below. His request for increased US and NATO troops, if fulfilled, will only delay the outcome but not change it. General McCrystal comes from Special Forces background and his solution as to future strategy is to increase special forces operations into Pakistan. This is the most reckless advice given to a President whose foreign affairs credentials are mediocre at best. Such a step has all the makings of crossing the undefined line in the sand with the Pakistani military with unforeseable consequences. I urge you to raise your voices against this mad strategy being envisioned and bring sanity and peace to Afghanistan. In my humble opinion this can be achieved by increasing UN troops in Afghanistan to give it the space it needs to stablize its society.

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