by Imran H. Khan

As a Pakistani American I am most interested in good and strengthening relationship between the two countries. As an inhabitant of the planet I am interested that the two countries can work out their issues without resorting to the use of force, as both the countries are nuclear powers. The sad fact of the matter is that right now US is waging a hot war on Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s weakness and inability to defend itself both from inside and out, that it is letting itself to be bombarded with missiles on a nearly daily basis. Over 300 Hellfire missiles have been fired into the homes of Pakistanis since 2007. Each $58K missile attack kills about fifteen people on the average. Many of these people are children and women. By one estimate, one AlQaida type is killed for every 49 civilians. It is estimated that there maybe upto 10,000 hard core Taliban and AlQaida types in Pakistan. Using this strategy would result in the loss of 500,000 innocents to get rid of them. This is the same failed US strategy in Afghanistan that has alianated the average Afghan. The irony of the matter is that the Government of Pakistan actually provides two bases for the drones to fly out of Pakistan so as to give them longer loitering time over Pakistani villages. The Obama administration has appointed a Special Forces general to chart out the new Af-Pak strategy for the region. Being from special forces, he tends to see solution to most problems as needing the application of even more special forces. So he has asked for more Predator strikes into Pakistan and inserting special forces to go into cities of Pakistan, like Quetta. Agianst this backdrop comes “The Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009″, or more popularly known as the Kerry-Lugar Bill. I managed to stay awake while reading all the legalize. I took the time to read it and would urge you to read it too at pakistaniat. It is the single most important piece of US-Pakistan document to study as it lays down the foundation of relationship between US and Pakistan for the duration of Obama administration.  We as a planet, are standing a tipping point in history. If we are not extremely careful in how we tiptoe through the next couple of years, there is a real risk of nuclear war between Pakistan and US. Should such a tragic event happen, the inhabitants of the Northern hemisphere of the planet could be inhaling radiating dust for a very long time to come. Read more

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In April of this year, I had predicted that US policy in Afghanistan is already a failure and that we should reassess it. Given the sharply deteriorating situation there and lack of US public support, there are only limited options left on the table. Recent assessment by Gen. McCrystal is a confirmation of what I had said on a tv broadcast that can be seen below. His request for increased US and NATO troops, if fulfilled, will only delay the outcome but not change it. General McCrystal comes from Special Forces background and his solution as to future strategy is to increase special forces operations into Pakistan. This is the most reckless advice given to a President whose foreign affairs credentials are mediocre at best. Such a step has all the makings of crossing the undefined line in the sand with the Pakistani military with unforeseable consequences. Read more

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