Imran H. Khan

We are told that Imran Khan stands a good chance of becoming the next Prime Minister of Pakistan, whenever the elections are next held. Many question whether he has the necessary organization and money in place to make a realistic run for it.  He was planning to make a fund raising trip to the US to raise the much needed funds for conducting an effective electoral campaign, but the trip was canceled/postponed at the last minute due to rapidly changing political situation with the expulsion of ex PM Gilani.  Until recently I was a luke warm supporter of Imran because of his sometimes not well thought out statements. Recent rapid changes in the socio-political landscape in Pakistan has confirmed the worst case scenarios for all the other political entities as being inimical to the health of Pakistan and Pakistanis. PPP has earned its wings as the Pakistan’s Plundering Party, Sharif’s have no concept of conflict of interest or respect for law, MQM is essentially a fascist party and different garden varieties of “Islamic” parties are anything but, and closet sympathizers of criminals and power grabbers under the guise of jihad. With all his public and private short comings, Imran Khan has been left the last man standing. His understanding of world affairs is better than all the heads of the other parties combined.  His views on Islam are not Arabized and has a healthy dose of patriotism. Read more

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