Imran H. Khan

Today on a sunny but windy winter morning, I took off runway 35 on Norwood Memorial Airport with my instructor Kevin Baird in a Warrior III tail number 244ND on a pre-solo check ride. I had a little over eight hours of flying under my wings and was convinced that I was far from ready to do anything as reckless as a solo. But my new instructor liked my flying enough to consider my soloing today. Even though it was crisp and sunny, the winds were picking up. I had been flying two other Warriors in my previous flights, but found this plane to be handling a little bit better.  My first touch and go went surprisingly smoothly even though there was considerable turbulence on the approach created by a combination of marshes and highways just prior to the touch down.  I am not sure whether it was the stress of flying or that it was getting really hot, I was beginning to really heat up as I had forgotten to take the jacket off. The instructor had to take over the controls and I struggled in the tight cockpit and took it off.

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