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principalDuring my recent visit to CCHA after forty two years, I had the opportunity to see the improvements as well as the remaining work. The new principal’s dynamic persona coupled with the alum network has afforded a unique opportunity to recover from years of neglect.  It appears that the number of cadet colleges have increased from a handful to over eighty. As a result the provincial government’s ability to fund CCHA has diminished considerably. The funds from the government do not even cover the salaries. The previous principals were hesitant to spend some limited development funds due to concerns of corruption in invoicing etc..

Current improvements have resulted in the hostels/wings getting a major uplift in dorms, addition of computer room, ante room and integrated networking.

aurangzebWingThe renovated Aurangzeb wing shown here has a sharp look about it. The new furniture and refurbished dorms along with computer networking brings it to the current century.

The following images will help convey the improvements.


The dorms now have a more efficient layout in terms of desk and storage spaces. The furniture in dorms and classes has been had from Interwood and has a consistent look and feel.

Each wing has its own computer room. The whole campus is linked to the internet through an optical cable with an rf backup link.

An alum is working with the teaching staff to evolve computer based learning environment.


In outward appearance the main building maintains is historic look, but has been substantially renovated internally.



The image of the main hall_fronthall shows its complete redo. The students were taking the tests for the summer assignments. Since there is no concept of summer jobs or community service work done by students in Pakistan during summer. Loading the students with academic work is one way of improving the test-centric education of the A and O levels now prevalent in Pakistan.

The new library is now housed in a large extension to the main building. The old library is now a computer based spoken English language lab. The library also has a number of computers located within.

chem_labWhen the A level granting authority informed CCHA that they were not going to allow its outmoded labs as acceptable, the chemistry and physics labs were completely redone as shown in the image here.

diningHallThe dining halls have been rebuilt from scratch and the kitchens are currently being constructed along with the hospital. Unfortunately the cadets no longer serve the tables. The lack of emphasis on service in general and community service in general is something Pakistani educational institutions and its leaders can learn from the American system.


teacherHouseWhile the house master houses have been improved, all the teacher housing is still in shambles.  Images here convey the state of one of the teacher houses. There is a dire need to get the twenty five teacher houses either redone or constructed from scratch.

The un-kept lawn is an indication of changing times where the cost of maintenance now dictates smaller plot sizes or a higher energy level on the part of the teachers to maintain them. My preference would be to build town house type teacher houses to mitigate cost and have a shared common space for greater economy of maintenance.


The ceilings have deteriorated to a point that they maybe unfixable.




This is a unique opportunity in CCHA to invest in time and money to rebuild this great institution to its former glory. I also think investing in brick and mortar needs to be balanced with improvements in the creating an environment where real modern learning can happen. It would be really worthwhile to see emphasis on creating inquiring minds as opposed to rote test centric education.  It would also be highly desirable if CCHA takes a lead in offering liberal arts courses along with teaching other languages leveraging the computer based language lab.

I wish I had learned more about :

Comparitive Religion instead of just Islamiat

Sub Continent’s and Central Asian history going way back, leveraging its unique location with field trips.

Discussion of most Philosophers.

Phaedrus in “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” describes the essence of what an educational institute is.

With the availability of networked campus, this would be a good opportunity to rethink education as suggested in my post here.

The country is in dire need of creating the next generation of leaders that can break the mold that exists currently and is failing the nation.

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