I gave a Seminar titled “Zen and the Art of Becoming a LifeStyle Entrepreneur” as part of the seminar series at OPEN New England.  The talk was geared towards explaining the choices available in this style of entrepreurism in general and consulting in particular.  I shared lessons from my experiences in running such an enterprise for  the last fifteen years.

The powerpoint of the presentation is shown below.


Zen and the Art of Becoming a Lifestyle

This information would be useful to potential or existing indepent consultants. Some of the details are somewhat US centric. But most of the presentation holds valid across the world.

The essence of the presentations is:

  • If you are over thirty and have a marketable skill set, you should seriously consider independant consulting.
  • Structure the practice as an enterprise to maximize profit and longevity.
  • The marketing strategy should be oriented towards the pull side rather than push. This implies writing articles and presentations at the relevant conferences.
Learn the secrets of starting and sustaining a successful Independent Consulting enterprise from a veteran of two booms and recessions. You will learn what it takes to become a life style entrepreneur and achieve both monetary and non monetary goals. Learn ways to:

– Structure the enterprise for achieving your goals.

– More than double your full time salary and keep a larger portion.

– Under stand the motivations from the client’s perspective.

– Market and price your product.

– Be successful over the long haul.

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