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Sitting in the U.S., listening to or reading normal media outlets, the news about Pakistan is overwhelmingly negative.  There are indeed issues, however, one can easily find examples of individuals and organizations improving conditions on the ground. OPEN presented two such examples in a recent event that was extremely well attended and received!  The audience was energetic and engaged. As with all OPEN events, this event also provided a great networking opportunity.

U.S.-Muslim Engagement Initiative, (USMEI): Aakif Ahmad and Rob Fersh of Convergence ( provided a great view into USMEI , which is a collaboration among several non-governmental, non-profit organizations. The goal of the initiative is to overcome vacuums and create strong new partnerships among established and emerging leaders in US and Muslim societies. Aakif is leading the engagement initiatives with Pakistan. Upcoming events scheduled in Pakistan are bringing together government, business and academia leaders. The aim is to stronger relationships that lead to partnerships and collaboration.

Business Acceleration Process (BAP) 2010 Winners: The MIT Enterprise Forum of Pakistan (MITEFP) established BAP to recognize leading IT/ITES/Telecom/New Media companies and accelerate their business to higher level of performance. Individuals and companies recognized for 2010 include:

VOPIUM is bringing the hot area of mobile app development to Pakistan via Denmark. As second generation immigrant in Denmark, Tanveer is reaching back to homeland of his parents and bringing foreign investments to Pakistan. His company is developing employees and providing training that is sure to have long term benefits.

Zakiuddin and Faisal represent grass roots change in Pakistan one employee at a time. Under their leadership, Nexsource and OVEXTECH are bringing outsourcing jobs to Pakistan. Our neighbor to the south has benefited tremendously from outsourcing. These companies are bring the same benefits to Pakistan, as well as improving operations of companies based there.

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