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We are told that Imran Khan stands a good chance of becoming the next Prime Minister of Pakistan, whenever the elections are next held. Many question whether he has the necessary organization and money in place to make a realistic run for it.  He was planning to make a fund raising trip to the US to raise the much needed funds for conducting an effective electoral campaign, but the trip was canceled/postponed at the last minute due to rapidly changing political situation with the expulsion of ex PM Gilani.  Until recently I was a luke warm supporter of Imran because of his sometimes not well thought out statements. Recent rapid changes in the socio-political landscape in Pakistan has confirmed the worst case scenarios for all the other political entities as being inimical to the health of Pakistan and Pakistanis. PPP has earned its wings as the Pakistan’s Plundering Party, Sharif’s have no concept of conflict of interest or respect for law, MQM is essentially a fascist party and different garden varieties of “Islamic” parties are anything but, and closet sympathizers of criminals and power grabbers under the guise of jihad. With all his public and private short comings, Imran Khan has been left the last man standing. His understanding of world affairs is better than all the heads of the other parties combined.  His views on Islam are not Arabized and has a healthy dose of patriotism.

So what if he cannot come to our cities, our houses and our gatherings. He is just a single person fighting for all of us. He has essentially put his life on the line in order to see a better future for Pakistan and the region. Why do we wait for him to come. Is the situation not grave enough to get of our tushes and contribute towards PTI’s efforts to right the trends in Pakistan and the region. I believe mankind dodged a bullet when PAF’s F-16 were unable to detect the US helicopters that raided Abbottabad. Had a firefight ensued it could easily have escalated to the air forces of the two countries going at each other. It does not require much of an imagination to see that tactical nuclear weapons could have been resorted to by either party.  The way that raid was conducted was I believe to most reckless act of our “intellectual” President.  The fact that we dodged one bullet does not mean that all is well. The fact is that Gen Kayani has given an unambiguous order to his forces that should Salala like incident happen again, there will be no limit to the response.

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It is imperative for all inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere that we have a responsible and capable leadership in Pakistan to navigate it through the next decade. The chances of a nuclear outbreak are the greatest when one nuclear power thinks that it can somehow physically snatch over a hundred nuclear warheads from an capable military machine. Such is the arrogance of a waning super power.

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I am requesting you as a responsible person that the best $20 you can spend for the health of the planet is to donate it towards the PTI party of Imran Khan so that they can win in the upcoming elections in Pakistan next year. You can do it at




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8 Responses to “Imran Khan, Pakistan and the Rest of the World”

  1. Imran Mufti on July 4th, 2012 6:20 pm

    Interesting thoughts that mankind dodged a bullet. Though not a secret, heard for the first time what PPP “really” stands for!
    I plan to heed to your request.

  2. Khalid Hassan on July 4th, 2012 8:43 pm

    I am member of PTI since 2008, the moment I completed my mandatory 2 years period after retirement from the Army as a brigadier. I am now located in Atlanta GA, unfortunationately hemiplegic due to a stroke. I would like to know more about our specific role during the membership campaign and the party elections. How do we vote during party elections and later during the general elections.

  3. ASAD HAKEEM on July 5th, 2012 1:01 am

    In sha Allah will vote for Imran but please do not call for protests every other day.Either work for change through ballot or on streets.In case of latter just give a final call n then make a change or quit.Also let u reforms reports be out.These are already late by months i suppose.

  4. zafar Chaudhry on July 6th, 2012 4:38 am

    I’m a member too. Please remind Imran again and again, ‘Its better to lose a seat than to bring back anyone who’s been tried and known to be corrupt. Please, please nominate new faces.’ This nation has the resilience to rebound. We need able leaders. GOOD LUCK PTI.

  5. rana m sadiq on July 6th, 2012 7:32 am

    I am also member of PTI but at the moment i m at Gaborone,Botswana. All my family members arr members as well. i,my wife and daughter shall love to vote for PTI but i really do not know how because there is no embassy of Pakistan in this country.may be some one can guide me.if so plz do. i shall wait for any response because i have permission to stay up till 26 of sept 2012 but have already applied for 5 year residence permit which is likely to be sanctioned. regards to all our course mates.

  6. muhammad arshad on July 8th, 2012 9:47 am

    yes. he is the only hope. i sincerely believe that he can deliver the goods this country badly needs and urgently require. he has very clear vision and workable ideas to get the country out of this morass. God willing he will succeeds. even if he does not overwhelms quickly enough his mark and contribution towards good governance is/will be remarkable.

  7. Zafar M on July 8th, 2012 2:53 pm

    It is amazing that when PPP leaders are killed during their struggle to fool simple Pakistani people and grab the political power, they are named as “Shaheeds”. Do we really know the meaning of Shaheed.
    If we just assume for a moment that PPP is very sincere to the Pakistani people, then why are they trying to find legal loopholes to exempt themselves of the frauds they have committed? $60 million dollars. They need to return the money back to the nation. Where is Mr. Gilani’s conscious when he is aware of the truths? With due respect to our dear ex-Prime Minister,could you not discuss privately with our dear president to deposit this money in the govt. accounts and make him the hero of the nation? Mr. Gilani, please.

  8. Salman Masum on August 4th, 2012 11:35 am

    Good work Imran.. the article is many a yard of reminding our nation that we do not need to suffer again at the hands of the Pseudo Intellectual Leaders.

    The future is in the hands of our new generation and my good wishes to them..

    Go Imran Khan GO!!!