CCHA Class of 1972

This year marks the fortieth anniversary for the class of ’72 at Cadet College Hasan Abdal. Also known as the Fourteenth Entry at CCHA. It is a good time to reflect upon the journeys each one of us undertook and to cherish our achievements. This post is dedicated to the all our teachers and support staff who made us into what we are.

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Jamil Khattak

Though it  has been a long time but my personality has many characteristics that would not have been the same without spending these five years at CCH. It helped me in becoming confident and understanding the importance of sacrificing for others. It helped me to understand the dynamics of relations with people around and feelings of oneness. I learnt that when the going is tough one should keep ones’ cool. These qualities have become a second nature as a result of my stay at CCH.

For a minute let me assume that I did not join CCH. It is difficult imaging such a hard working faculty that worked hard in maintaining a great balance between a high standard of education and daily regular sports but it was a routine matter here. It is even harder to imagine having such a strong association with class fellows after 40 years. Without spending these five years I could have been anything but not what I am. The minute is over; I am so very proud to be an Abdalian!

Imran ulHaq Khan

CCH provided me with educational stability that I did not know prior.  I had bounced from one mediocre school to another as my father got rapidly posted from one base to another.  I actually landed at CCHA from Peking where my school had been shut down by the Red Guard. Aptly enough my nick name became Peko.  The structured system had many pros but some cons as well. It allowed for a great balance between education and sports. I don’t think I would have played these many organized sports as I did there.  I had the misfortune of having my Urdu teacher as my house master.  Because of lack of Urdu education in China it was my weakest subject.  He pushed me both in Urdu and sports and I think he made me realize that I am capable of heights that I did not think were reachable. My experience of quality education was such that I have not left any stone unturned when it came to high school education of my kids.

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Aamir Shah

My time at Cadet College Hasan Abdal fondly referred to as CCHA was a game changer. My 5 years are similar to grafting (process when a branch from one plant is attached to another to produce a superior plant, flower or fruit). The school made MEN out of boys, and Adults from children. From our immediate families we made a new Family, one we will live with and always feel towards while on this planet. It was not a bed of roses but indeed a process of refining and tempering like gold goes through on its way to becoming priceless jewelry, with each stroke of the hammer, and the melting and heating of the kiln.
We are a product of the dedicated teachers, the staff, the traditions and above all our ability to assimilate it all, and be who we are today.
Long Live Hasan Abdal, Long Live Pakistan.

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2 Responses to “Fortieth Anniversary of the Graduation of the CCHA Fourteenth Entry”

  1. Qamar Masood Minhas on November 2nd, 2012 8:08 pm

    It’s great to hear from my sweet class mates after four decades. Thanks to the technology that we can remain connected without much effort.
    Jameel Khan Khattak with whom I have no contact since we departed forty years back. Where are you now???
    I still remember a famous verse of yours;;
    Woh Din Guzar Gayee Jab paseena gulab tha
    Abb ittar bhi malo to paseenay ki boo nahain
    Only you know it was meant for whom !!!!!
    Great effort Peking. Where are you these days. I am in Rawalpindi enjoying retired life.
    Allah is kind that my three sons & two daughters are all married and I have been blessed with eight grand children.

  2. Ibrahim Ahmad on February 21st, 2013 3:50 pm

    Once an Abdalian, always an Abdalian is not one of my favourite slogans. This is because it does not convey the depth of emotion, degree of pride and a sense of belonging that comes with being an Abdalian.

    It seems like a 100 years ago, when my parents dropped me off at CCH along with two suitcases packed with clothes, most of which would never see daylight again. I can still remember the feeling of excitement, as well as apprehension, about beginning a journey into the unknown. A journey, I would not have missed for anything. The next five years at CCH were at times painful, frustrating, enjoyable, exhausting, enlightening, exciting, delightful and maddening (not necessarily in that order), but never boring.

    Looking back, there is no doubt that we owe a debt of gratitude to our teachers, administrative and support staff, senior cadets and juniors cadets alike i.e. all those who contributed in make our stay at CCH a rewarding experience, and prepared us to face the uncertainties and challenges of the future.

    The single biggest gift that CCH gave me was the gift of friendship. Enduring friendships that have withstood the test of time, no matter how long the absence, how divergent the opinions, how different the backgrounds and how far the distances.

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.