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Imran H. Khan

Jadoo 3 is the third generation Jadoo Tv that offers a number of new features and a whole new audio visual experience. The primary reason is the support for the different high definition TV modes and content to go with.  This is further enhanced by a substantially improved user interface.

A fully functional remote with colored keys make the installation quite foolproof.  The increased resolution does put a premium on the internet connectivity. I had to bump up the internet service provider speed to over 3 Mbps in order to get a seamless viewing experience. If you are going to connect it using a wifi, then depending on where your wifi is set up, there maybe a need to get a solid reception to make the higher bandwidth reliably accessible.  The newer model ship with a dongle to hook up the wifi usb receiver.

Once the bandwidth issues have been properly resolved, the setup is quite straight forward and I did not run into any issues. The user options are now more logically presented and the content is better organized. One major improvement is the ability to cancel a command that is taking time to implement.

I found accessing content in myGroups  more enjoyable than the channels on Jadoo Live.

The content is heavily biased toward the Indo Pakistan sub continent. The sheer diversity of programs in a multitude of languages can be easily experienced with a flick of a switch. I enjoyed watching the coverage of the same events from Indian and Pakistani perspectives. Prior to devices like JadooTv, one had to visit a country to experience cultural immersion. I even enjoyed watching ads about commodity products in different countries. The ads have a way of conveying cultural sensitivities and preferences in a very audio visual dense format.

The user interface has laid the foundation of JadooTv being a lot more than being just an entertainment/news font. As I had written in one of my previous post that with the right content it can be a very powerful educational tool. The user interface has now been reorganized in a manner to lend development in that direction possible.

In a highly connected world where South Asia and vicinity are going to play an ever increasing role in the world affair, you cannot go wrong making a one time payment on JadooTv 3 to remain informed.

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