Syed Qamar

Sitting in the U.S., listening to or reading normal media outlets, the news about Pakistan is overwhelmingly negative.  There are indeed issues, however, one can easily find examples of individuals and organizations improving conditions on the ground. OPEN presented two such examples in a recent event that was extremely well attended and received!  The audience was energetic and engaged. As with all OPEN events, this event also provided a great networking opportunity. Read more

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by Contributors from OPEN Chapters

Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America “OPEN” is now in its twelfth year of existence.  At its core it is a philanthropic organization of like minded innovative and entrepreneurial people who contribute their time and efforts for the greater good of the society that they live in. Its top driven loosely coupled model of chapters has enabled it to grow to all corners of the US, extending its impact even outside these borders. Each chapter has evolved based on the inherent local business strengths as well as the level of support from the community.  In celebration of OPEN’s tenth anniversary in 2008 all the chapters got together at the organization’s  birthplace in Boston. During this event the leaders from different chapters presented their vision for the future. The purpose of this blog is to capture some of what has transpired since then. Read more

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